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The future of fundraising.

Welcome to the Unity Values family. We are the future of charitable giving. We not-only offer the service of "giving-back made easy" to registered businesses all over the world, but we also offer services to registered charities with all the tools they need to receive that impact. It's a win, win!

We even created our own Foundation (The Unity Values Foundation (UVF)) who is a registered charity with a mission to change the world based on the values of individual people. ​We fundraise donations from businesses and individuals and distribute those funds to other registered charities based on the values of the people. In this way, we create change in the world based on the collective values of people.


We also serve as an online donor database for charities, bringing them donors and revenue that didn’t exist before. More money in, less money out for the charity is our mission, so they can focus more on the impact they're making and let us worry about the fundraising.

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Your Unity Coach

Jayme Lynn Butt is an award-winning communications professional with an extensive career in business revenue and relationship management in both the charitable and business for-profit sectors. Most recently, she was the Manager of Public Engagement & Communications for a $6M charity in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was a Unity client. Unity helped her increase their donor database by 800 (new) donors and raise over $100K in one month.

She is now your Charity Coach and is eager to connect with you.

Schedule your inital meeting by emailing her at



Wish List 

COVID-19 has made it incredibly challenging for charities to orchestrate their in-kind donations, so we created a seamless way to still get the items you need. Your donors can grant wishes virtually, receive a tax receipt and the donations are shipped safely to the charity on a monthly basis.


Aside from COVID, donors today want more control and transparency with their donations. Your Wish List is totally curated by you (and then built by your Coach) so it can be seasonally themed, event specific etc. This way of charitable giving keeps everyone safe, there’s no extra work on the charity’s end, you engage more donors, and you receive the tangible items you need right now. 




Unity's goal is to help charities make more impact. We do this by increasing the money in the door and decreasing the money out the door. Grow your network and build engagement for long-term sustainability. Bring all your online campaigns with you, create new ones, get businesses to fundraise for you. There are many options. Our platform makes crowdfunding and online fundraising easy, fast and effective. 


Your kiosk(s) come with you! Your Unity Coach will work with you to come in and upgrade the software and even upload all your online campaigns. 

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